jewelry in the office

 Jewelry is my favorite finishing touch. For office wear, I like making a classic statement without being formal or too stuffy. The three things I try to avoid too much of are 1. bling, 2. color, and 3. texture. Here are some my favorite ways to integrate these without going overboard.
Bauble Bar (one) (two)

I love sparkle and it has its place, but I feel more comfortable at work when my jewels aren't making my coworkers squint every time they catch the light. 

Kate Spade (bangle) + Bauble Bar (ivory) (blue)
Kate Spade (watch) + Miss Selfridge (bracelet)
Bauble Bar (necklace) (bracelets)+ Jenny Bird (ring)

When you're pairing different pieces for work, choosing items in the same color palette is a simple way to keep your look neat without having to think too much about it.

And finally, I like to skip piling on friendship or wrap bracelets. I don't like wearing a lot of cording or leather in the office, and crazy summer arm parties usually involve multiple bright colors and textures.
Bauble Bar (one) (two) (three)

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