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I'm a writer and style blogger based in Seattle, Washington. My interest in writing began somewhere around first grade, and my love for fashion developed a few years down the road. Since then, I’ve been pretty picky about the pieces that end up in my closet. Coupled with expensive taste, both street style and high fashion quickly became an obsession for me.

I started blogging in 2010 after my mother encouraged me to share my online shopping finds with others in my field of interest. I had big dreams of becoming a celebrity fashion stylist at the time, and wanted my blog to represent my aesthetic and act as an online portfolio for potential styling gigs. As I went on, my fashion blog became more of a vehicle to get my writing out into the world, and after five years, it was time to retire my first blog, Zipped, and refocus my two true loves—fashion and writing—in a more intentional way. 

What's truelane?

Truelane is the stylized version of the pen name I created for myself in my teens. Sometime in my early teens I wrote a cheesy, tweenage coming-of-age novel set on a ranch in New Mexico, and was determined to publish it; anonymously, of course. I had recently heard the name True in a first-name context, and loved the unique quality of having a name that was just a word in the dictionary. I paired it with my middle name, Lane, and decided True Lane sounded like an appropriate pen name for a young author’s sparkly cowgirl debut.

Even when I started in social media after my blog Zipped came to be, I wanted to remain anonymous, so @truelane I stayed. Once I started gaining traction in the blog world, my real life and my Internet life came together—but truelane stuck.

It’s amusing to me that my pen name has become an identity for me. Everything in my life is true now. Truehouse, trueclothes, Truesday and truebrunch. My web designer slash best friend Emily and I find it highly entertaining, and rarely reference each other by anything but our social media handles anymore. Although I often long for the simpler days, this is the Internet world we live in and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be doing what I love. 


Who takes your photos?
Most of my photos are shot by Michele Equitz.

What camera do you use?
For travel posts and Instagram, I use a Fujifilm XT-10.

Where are you from?
I grew up in Seattle and moved to Minneapolis when I was 19, just for a new experience and change of scenery. I moved back when I was 24, because PNW is best!

How old are you?

How tall are you?
I’ve recently stretched out to 5’7”!

Where do you get your hair done?
HAUS Salon in Minneapolis. Emily does my cut, and Alexa Rae does my color.

Site photos by Bethany Platter.


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