Boot Season

Boot Season | truelane
Boot Season | truelane
Boot Season | truelane

Photography by Michele Equitz

Vans flannel (
similar) | Aritzia jacket (similar) | Mott & Bow denim | Thrifted handbag | Boots c/o Frye + Co

Not that it matters, but I’ve made my 30th birthday a deadline for the time by which I should be able to walk in heels. I’ve avoided them my whole life—not because I didn’t like how I looked, but because I felt like a baby giraffe every time I tried to take a step. I’m kind of tired of turning down a dreamy pair of shoes just because they have a heel. I’ll never be a four-inch stiletto person (okay, I shouldn’t say never—my latest pick-up is a pair of 3.5” vintage Jimmy Choos), but I have noticed a huge difference in just committing to the shoe and practicing for a few hours a day.

It’s a big help when it’s a pair of boots you can lace up tightly with a chunky heel, like these from Frye’s new line Frye + Co. I’ve always wanted a pair of boots like this—they look a little outdoorsy, but made for the city. I always love a conundrum.

New Directions

Where to begin?

Over the past couple of years, I know I’ve insinuated that I may or may not have been looking for something more than running truelane full-time. Four years—how long I’ve been blogging as my full-time job—is as long as I’ve held any job, really. But over the last two, I’ve mostly felt lost. I tried to set goals and make plans, but the plans were mostly one-off phrases like “write a book” and “get out of debt” but never did I concoct a plan to accomplish these goals. Finally, something about my twenty-seventh year taught me to be proactive rather than reactive, and that has kicked off a string of spreadsheets that sprouted ideas and kept me on track and here I am writing a blog post about why I’m temporarily reacquainting myself with corporate America.

I feel like I’ve been living a double life all summer. Back in June, I re-enlisted with the temporary employment agency I worked for back in Minneapolis, but it’s been a brand new experience from the get-go. You’ll never believe what I did this summer—I worked as a pier agent for Royal Caribbean Cruises (I know! Not! Princess!) for one day, checking people in for a cruise to Alaska. It was thrillingly unbearable. Then, I spent a few days working the front desk for a Jewish social services center, which was overwhelming and stress-inducing. After that, I worked for about a month in shipping & receiving for Adobe on Lake Union, walking distance from my apartment; those 30 days were about the most bored I have ever been in my adult life. The reason I took these gigs was just for life experience, writing inspiration, and the fact that they had an end date.

I took a few weeks off afterwards to travel and see family and decompress from the bleakness of the mailroom job, and then on July 16, the agency called me in the late afternoon with two opportunities. One was an events coordinator at a valet and event rental company, which sounded like too much responsibility for a temp job—especially when they told me it was temp-to-hire, meaning I’d be working full-time as a regular employee as soon as possible. The other was for an office assistant at a property management company for about a month, and with a completion date in sight, I said, “Sign me up!” 

It started the next day. I woke up at six o’clock in the morning, hopped on the commuter bus downtown, and as soon as I walked in to the fifth floor office of this commercial real estate & property management firm, I had a weird sense of…place. Something felt—oddly—right.

I’ve been there every weekday, 8 to 5, since that Wednesday. Reentering the office world I left in August 2015, I’ve had a weird sense of déjà vu, but at the same time, a completely different experience from the corporate financial world I was in before. All of the corporate clichés are the same. All of the coworker interactions are the same. But there’s something different—maybe it’s the stage of life I’m in, maybe it’s just that the office and work are better suited to my personality. But it makes me wonder…maybe I didn’t hate working in an office? Maybe it’s just that I hadn’t found the right one. I look forward to going to work every day, and truly, I didn’t think that was physically possible for someone like me.

In fact, I look forward to it enough that they’re going to offer me the job—full-time regular—and I’ve decided I’m going to take it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a new career—this job is just an EP in the discography of my life. I’ve believed for a long time that I could someday be a full-time author, and I still believe in myself enough to go for it. In fact, I don’t mind sharing with you that over the summer, I cranked out page after page on my first novel. The first draft of the manuscript is over halfway done, and that excites me so much. But I’ll be honest, I want to be in a better financial place before I drop everything to write books. I’ll still be working on it in my free time, but I’m tired of stressing about putting a $7 latte on my credit card while I sit in the coffee shop and tell myself I’m living the dream of being a writer.

Things have been so shaken up since July 17 with moving, the job, family stuff, and more that I feel like I haven’t even had a chance to process these changes. But then, there’s been some weird change in me, and it feels strange to have been able to feel it so palpably. Although I don’t feel settled in my surroundings, I feel more settled within myself. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a early-twenties-to-late-twenties change. Patience is something I’ve learned over the last year, which I think was an instrument of fate because it is absolutely driving all of the situations in my life right now between moving and not being able to unpack or furnish my apartment right away, as well as the temp-to-hire process.

Let me say plainly that truelane certainly isn’t going anywhere—I won’t be quitting or cutting back on posts or social media, but the content will evolve, naturally, just as it always does when anyone else grows and changes. I’ve been joking that this new 8-to-5 office job is a side hustle I started to go along with being a full-time blogger and influencer. I shoot over my lunch break or write and email at hotel lobbies downtown after work. My early twenties have come and gone, but for me, the hustle is starting just now. I’m hoping that not having to seek out random projects every month to pay my rent will allow me to redirect my creativity into new directions and fresh avenues.

In the meantime—here we go again, corporate America. Ever since I moved back to this city of industry by the sea, I’ve been wishing for a new experience without knowing what it was. This job is giving me a chance to place myself in a new community, spend more time in unexplored neighborhoods, and be a part of something bigger than just myself. And let’s be honest…curate a fabulous work wardrobe.

Seattle Premium Outlets Fall Haul

This post is sponsored by Seattle Premium Outlets.

In the days when I used to back-to-school shop, Seattle Premium Outlets was the hot spot. Believe it or not, fifteen years later, I visit some of the same shops—the Vans outlet is still a favorite! But one thing is different these days: I’m spending my own money instead of an allowance from my parents (thank you, Mom & Dad!), which means I’m much more aware of the savings to be found. And let me tell you, there are many.

Since my shopping focus has been workwear lately, I headed straight to the Tory Burch and Kate Spade outlets. Both of these brands are pretty well known for their tote/work bags and shoes at mid-range prices. But on Labor Day Weekend, no surprise—prices were marked down even farther, and I was glad I picked that weekend to go! At Kate Spade, I was torn between two gorgeous green leather crossbody bags, both at 70% off marked down from $400. Which one do you think I went with?


Let’s get back to the Vans outlet. Not only did I find my favorite flannels at buy one get one 50% off (for a total of over 80% off!), but the shoes were buy one get one 50% off too! I got to check one item off my longtime wishlist—platform Old Skools in classic black—and picked up a tiny pair of baby size 5s for my little nephew.


Still, my favorite find of the day has to be the Tory Burch ‘Gemini’ tote. I’ve been eyeing it to haul all of my work stuff for months, but knew it would be out of my price range for a long time—that is, until I saw it sitting on the shelf at Seattle Premium Outlets, with a sign next to it that said it was an additional 50% off the already marked-down price. Saying goodbye to summer with a good sale and hello to fall with a great handbag is just how I like my seasons to change.


It’s really quite a privilege to spend a day shopping, indulging in mall food (I ate two Auntie Anne’s pretzels) and spending a very reasonable amount of money on what you want rather than stressing about how much you can or can’t afford. Thanks for helping make my fall fashion dreams come true, Seattle Premium Outlets!

What pieces are on your fall wishlist this year?