The 12 Gift Guides of Christmas | truelane
The 12 Gift Guides of Christmas | truelane

Whether you're a casual, "Oh, bears are my favorite animal" kind of person, or the kind that thinks of their dogs as their first-born and most treasured children and cries at the sight of a baby anything, the holidays are a great time to indulge your creature cravings. My Christmas list usually includes things I've wanted for a long time, but couldn't justify buying myself. However, this list includes lots of pet products that are simply necessary to make yours pets' lives a little better (check out Do Until Animals by Tracey Stewart), but also some home and life items for the person that wants a touch of the animal kingdom in every aspect of their life. Dalmatian pillow and whale bookends? Don't mind if I do.

1. The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts$15
2. Tuxedo Dalmatian pillow$40
3. Whale bookends$42
4. Natural Pet Company cat toys | $15
5. Giraffe tie$20
6. Cat neon | $30
7. Hand-carved peacock trivet | $29
8. Lady Gaga bunny portrait | $30
9. Flutterby phone case$35