Hidden Gems

Top, cardigan, denim, and handbag c/o NTY Clothing Exchange

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I used to thrift all the time in high school, but after awhile I got tired of the hodge-podge offerings at Value Village and Goodwill in my small hometown. It's been a few years since I browsed the secondhand selection anywhere, but when the opportunity arose to check out NTY Clothing Exchange here in Minneapolis, I was excited to get back into it. I won't lie, it's a treasure hunt. You've gotta block a good couple hours out of your day to uncover the perfect pieces and try each one of them on. When I go mall shopping, I don't bother with the fitting rooms. With secondhand stores, I like to make sure it fits exactly how I want it to. And as you can see with this autumn-inspired outfit I created with pieces I found at NTY, it was worth it. $10 Abercrombie denim? Sign me up!

Thanks to NTY Clothing Exchange for sponsoring this post.