World Traveler

Aritzia jacket  |  Flannel (50% off!) c/o Vans  |  Abercrombie denim  |  Boots c/o Sorel Footwear  |  Handbag c/o Coach

I'm a big fan of packing both lightly and practically, so I'm always on the hunt for shoes that can play multiple roles. Sorel sent me this pair to celebrate their new store opening at my home away from home, the grand ol' Mall of America, and they fit the bill perfectly for my ultimate travel shoe. This much tread is all that I need for the kind of outdoor adventures I take on when I travel (as in light hiking and pretty much nothing else). These boots are a little outside my usual style comfort zone, but I can't wait to take them out on the road and into the world. This is the kind of outfit I go for when traipsing around a new city: muted colors and layers.

The Mall of America location just opened up this past weekend, just in time for the holidays, and you can find this pair and a ton of other styles on the shelves! Check them out on the first floor near Macy's on the west side of the mall.

Thanks to Sorel for sponsoring this post!