Pieces of Paris

I'm excited to bring you all a fun post with Maison Jules, showing off a few corners in Minneapolis that exude the spirit of the French. From the best café au lait in town to my favorite macaron bakery, keep reading to find out the spots that made the cut!

Photos by Alex Anne

Wilde Roast

Maison Jules turtleneck and denim

A favorite among Minneapolis locals, Wilde Roast is named after the famed Oscar Wilde and completely decked out in upscale Victorian decor. From the elegant peacocks painted across the walls to the velvety foam atop their café au lait, this spot was made for the #MJPiecesofParis list.

Alliance Française and Coup d'Etat

Maison Jules blouse, coat, and denim leggings

The Alliance Française on 1st St. downtown speaks for itself on the French factor, but the striking blue is what sets it apart from the neighboring buildings. After shooting there, we headed uptown to my favorite place for French cuisine, two-year-old Coup d'Etat, to say hello to Napoleon behind the desk and chat over a custom-made mocktail by their bartender extraordinaire. 

Patisserie 46 at the corner of King's Wine Bar

Maison Jules dress

Patisserie 46 macarons were the first French-style macaron I ever tried, and I've been hooked ever since. I haven't found any better around the Twin Cities. We snapped (and snacked on) a few of these little delicacies before braving the rain once more to shoot this fancy little number across the street. The red windows and white brick at King's Wine Bar popped perfectly with the sleek black of Maison Jules' bow dress.

It's an important time on our planet to remember the beauty and joy there is in the City of Lights after the attacks in November created so much fear. There's such strength in surrounding the French lifestyle and culture with love and support, but it doesn't stop much of the world from being fearful about traveling there. Find a few pieces of Paris around your town and let them put a smile on your face. By appreciating the people, places, and things French culture has inspired across the world, let's remember the romanticism and poetry Paris itself continues to press upon the hearts of many.

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