Blush and Beige

Jacket and sweater c/o Abercrombie  |  Gap denim  |  Flats c/o Sole Society  |  Handbag on loan c/o Bag Borrow or Steal

There's nothing like coming home once you've left. I took my little hometown of Mount Vernon, Washington for granted until I moved out. I loved living here, but kept the community at a distance. I flew mostly solo through high school and spent my free time working on my blog and at the city library, so coming back, I feel a little detached. I was happy to be a wallflower while I lived here, and I'm still happy to be one coming back.

I guess to me, that's kind of the appeal of being a writer. You see things from the outside and live to be observant.  It might be a little harder to go unnoticed when you're wearing a giant shaggy sweater and leopard print loafers, but another thing I've gained in my time away is a little confidence...and I have to say, I'm pretty happy about that too.