Marshmallow World

Top c/o Bella Luxx  |  Abercrombie jacket (sold out, similar)  |  Gap denim  |  Scarf c/o Macy's  |  Handbag and flats c/o Coach  |  Old Navy rings

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It's no secret that I'm drawn toward white fluff. Snow, the poofiest bedspread, whipping cream, actual marshmallows...I like to feel like I'm being enveloped, and this scarf does that for me. I wore it on my flight home for Thanksgiving and as I looked for my seat, all of the flight attendants down the aisle complimented me on it, so I'd say it's a keeper. The only problem is that it tends to leave little white fuzzies everywhere you go, so you may lose a bit of your mystery, but at least you'll be doing it in style.