Creating Your True Style

Happy Friday! Today's installment in my natural beauty series includes three of my favorite ways to be your best self on the outside while staying true to the beauty on the inside. Read more exclusive tips from me in my article on SheKnows!

In today’s Internet world of YouTube celebrity and Instagram fame, being genuine is one of the more important qualities to possess. Because so much content revolves around the beauty and fashion industry, it can be easy to get swept up in the pressure to be perfect—sometimes even superficial.

Get back to feeling naturally beautiful with three tips for creating a sense of style that you actually like and staying true to no one but yourself.

1. Give yourself grace.

Natural beauty begins with taking care of yourself, and the rumors are true: It starts on the inside. Think and talk to yourself positively, as if you were encouraging a friend. No situation is ever improved by negativity.

Creating Your True Style | truelane

2. Natural beauty doesn’t have to mean never wearing makeup or painting your nails.

If you were born a blonde but would feel more like yourself with a few highlights as you get older, what’s stopping you? There are so many wonderful natural makeup and hairstyle tutorials on the Internet you’re bound to find one that will enhance the lovely features you already have.

Creating Your True Style | truelane

3. Follow your gut wardrobe instinct.

Half of confidence is just committing to your initial idea. If you try on a wide-brimmed hat or a showstopping faux-fur coat, leave the house before you can second-guess yourself. Too often, I purchase pieces I love but am too timid to wear when the time comes. Confidence is a crucial key to natural beauty.

The natural beauty movement is one that has been spreading for the past few years. With the rise of the inescapably omnipresent Internet, sifting through content for real girls with real beauty and real drive to succeed can be more challenging than we think it should be. Don’t forget, you can inspire others by turning the spotlight on your own natural beauty. It’s easy to spot natural beauty when it shines from the inside out.