12 Gift Guides of Christmas: Men

12 Gift Guides of Christmas: Men | truelane
12 Gift Guides of Christmas: Men | truelane

Lucky for me, the only guys I have to shop for are my brothers, dad, and brother-in-law, all of whom I feel I know pretty well. It can be hard to shop for guys if you aren't in tune with their specific interests—the guitar junkie, the gamer, the fashion fan, the sports addict—sometimes you have to shop for an acquaintance or a lesser-known uncle or cousin, and this is where I hope this guide can spur some ideas. While I tend to go for the outdoorsy items since I like to encourage people to get outside, the Minnetonka Moccasin slippers listed below (as well as their several other style options) are always foolproof. Throw in a case of their favorite beer, a bag of their favorite coffee beans, or a bottle of their favorite liquor and you're set.

1. Grado headphones | $79
2. Plaid cap$45
3. Pressurized craft beer growler | $149
4. Ted Baker wool briefcase | $285
5. Patagonia quilted cotton pullover$149
6. Adidas Samba sneakers | $70
7. Cassini telescope | $99
8. Minnetonka Moccasin shearling slippers | $68
9. Jack Wills lounge pants$57