June Playlist

Elyse Lankford | truelane

Elyse Lankford is an art student and graphic designer/booking assistant at a Seattle music venue. Dream trip? Probably Switzerland and northern Italy. Dream concert? Tennis then Twin Peaks opening for The Strokes. Dream meal? Neapolitan pizza. Dream job? Something to do with music and art and travel. 

My summer jams always seem to consist of upbeat punk and surf songs made for the walk home after you’re finally free from work, as well as languid folk songs for when all you can do is lie on the couch with a fan blowing directly on your face.

Even though summer officially started just last week, I’ve been prepping myself all month with the tunes in this playlist. I’ve been constantly listening to this month’s releases from Spirit Award, Palehound, Julia Jacklin, and Kevin Morby and rekindled my love for Flaural and Haley Heynderickx as they’ve toured through Seattle this month (God bless June, woww). I hope you enjoy this mix as we launch into these coming summer months. <3 

Know Better - Forth Wanderers
Fields - Spirit Award
Room - Palehound
Surchin 4 U - Naked Giants
Staycation - Flaural
Contestant - Sundae Crush
Drinking Song - Haley Heynderickx
Tin Can - Kevin Morby
Eastwick - Julia Jacklin
Slime Time Live - Ian Sweet
Try - Molly Burch
Never Lonely - Space Mountain
Blackies - Jaded Juice Riders

June Playlist | truelane