July Playlist

Elyse Lankford | truelane

Elyse Lankford is an art student and graphic designer/booking assistant at a Seattle music venue. Dream trip? Probably Switzerland and northern Italy. Dream concert? Tennis then Twin Peaks opening for The Strokes. Dream meal? Neapolitan pizza. Dream job? Something to do with music and art and travel. 

La Luz, PALM, and Vundabar were easily my favorite live shows of July, therefore consuming most of my music listening for the entire month.

La Luz blew all my expectations away—their harmonies and surf goddess aura are completely overwhelming. PALM was mesmerizing. I was listening in awe the whole time trying to figure out how in the world four people could be playing so many different noises in different time and meld together so well. I was talking to a friend about this, and apparently they practice together 2 hours a day 5 days a week, which is really impressive rehearsal time for any band. And finally, the energy packed into the Vundabar set vibrated through the whole room. They’re super nice and quirky dudes, and their humor translates so well into their live set.

Feel free to leave any music suggestions in the comments below. Or DM me on Instagram (@elyse_anna) or email, or slack me idk...I want your recs!!

You Disappear - La Luz
Aphasia - Pinegrove
Had Ten Dollaz - Cherry Glazerr
Who’s Sorry Now - Angel Olsen
Equestrian - Omni
Dance (If You Wanna) - Vivian Girls
Shadow Expert - PALM
Nerves - Forth Wanderers
MVT 4 - Foul Weather
Get in My Car - BRONCHO
Greenland - Vundabar

July Playlist | truelane