The 12 Gift Guides of Christmas: Under $50

The 12 Gift Guides of Christmas: Under $50 | truelane
The 12 Gift Guides of Christmas: Under $50 | truelane

A $50 budget is a pretty common amount decided upon between very good friends—and in that case, you want to get something that gets a lot of bang for your buck. Something particularly striking or particularly useful that I can get in the top bracket of my budget usually wins the day. A few of the items below allow some wiggle room in the budget to compile a little gift basket, like the champagne gummy bear cocktail kit just waiting to be tied up with a bottle of bubbly and a couple of cute flutes. Others are ready to hit the road. Just be sure to pick out the perfect card, because nothing says 'merry Christmas' to your bestie like letting her know you love her.

1. Geometric planters | $40
2. Striped marble cheese plate | $35
3. Iron & glass lanterns, large and small | $27 and $20
4. Fleece throw | $40
5. Pendleton umbrella | $30
6. UGG slipper socks | $50
7. Lolli and Pops gift set | $49
8. Ultrasonic diffuser | $40
9. Canvas backpack | $29