It's My Darlin' is an amazing street style blog based here in Seattle. Its photographer + author is the aammaazziinngg Dana Landon whom I would love to meet someday! These are some of my favorite looks from the many months I've been following her. All of the following photos were taken and are owned by Dana, posted with permission!


I have been wanting a trench coat for months, and I lloovvee her classy, dark-colored look! The sandals are so unexpected, and her hat perfectly tops it all off.


Shannon's bag is so unique! I love her flowy top and cardigan. And her hair makes me want to get bangs.

Josh & Colin

I love these guys' matching hats, long sleeves, and denim! Definitely a classic day-out-in-the-city look.


I remember the day Dana posted this picture; I just about fell off my chair. Arwen is the perfect example of what I want to look like all summer. I am obsessed with her wedge sandals + straw bag, and the huge cuffs on her jeans look soo cool with the graphic tank and big glasses. And don't even get me started on her hair. I just love this.

Since everyone seems to be snowed in, I thought I'd bring the world of "out" to the blog world. And no, I did not choose Josh's photo solely for the ruggedness of his insanely good looks. He has some pretty amazing boots!

Dana has such an interesting blog. I love hearing about everyone she encounters! Have you ever been stopped on the street for a photo/stopped someone else to take their photo?

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