Monday Hairday

Today's post is something a little different than usual, so I hope you enjoy this hair tutorial!

*Ahem on 4, bobby pins are your friend.

To finish up, curl any bits and pieces you've left out for a tousle-y, loose look. To curl with a straightener, simply rotate the flat iron after you've clamped your hair down and run it through at an angle.

This Hana flat-iron is perfect for this style (I love the adjustable heat dial!). Misikko sent me this product to review, but they have zillions of other items to browse through such as the ever popular CHI straightener and Moroccan oil (currently on my beauty wishlist). Be sure to check out their store! I've been using this amazing flat-iron every day.

So voila, you are finished. If you're like me, this is the perfect look for scarf-wearing come fall and winter, as my superlong hair tend to hide the pretty patterns :)