Bright Ideas

I always have fun trying out new ideas on the blog. For today's entertainment, I put together a bit of a street style feature on this lovely lady and her interpretation of casual brights. 

Gap dress, borrowed sweater, gifted scarf, Target boots, TJ Maxx tights

Adorable Joanna's boots caught my eye right away. I love a good pair of ankle boots, and the stacked heel, ruched leather, and elastic band across the back are just about perfection. Joanna told me she was having one of those mornings where nothing seemed to look good...but of course, the best outfits always come out of mornings of total perplexity.

I also love the layers in her look--this is a perfect example of having style while being practical, since the morning I snapped Joanna's photo it was a brisk thirty degrees.

This is one instance where it's cool to be a copycat.