Hometown Pride

Urban Outfitters top, Target jacket, Madewell jeans, Yosi Samra flats, necklace c/o Maya Brenner

When I got out of the car to take these photos, it was a lot colder than I thought it was outside. Hence the quick ground glances, the hands in the pockets, and telling my sister to hurry it up so we could get back inside. Ick. This would never happen in Washington...

Speaking of Washington, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I adore Seattle and my west coast home. I was so excited when Maya Brenner Designs reached out to me about gifting me one of their beautiful silver necklaces. Now, I can wear a this little piece of my heart around my neck all the time (awhh cheesy). It's so much fun to getting comments on such a unique piece of jewelry.

Of course, I've had a couple people say, "Cool Colorado necklace." Or "Oh, I love Oregon!" I mean, have ya never seen a map?

Luckily, you guys have me to steer you in the right direction. Enjoy the weekend and look for a pretty hair tutorial going up next week!