To Market

H&M top, Forever 21 cardigan, Gap denim leggings, Madewell Transport tote, MIA Abie flats

Well, I didn't have anything mind to write until about two hours ago when I was sitting on the patio at The Local with my sister, and now I have to tell the world that I spotted Mo Rocca walking down the street! I am a huge NPR nerd and laugh incessantly at his show on The Cooking Channel, so I leapt out of my chair and stopped him to say hello. He was the kindest of gents and let me snap a photo, which I can't stop smirking at! It was so surreal to see someone I admire so much walking down the street in my city like I do every day.

Oh, what? My clothes? All neutrals with a bright red lip while I perused the Thursday farmer's market. But you guys. I met Mo Rocca. !!!