Girls' Day Out

I probably wouldn't have moved to Minneapolis if my sister Caitlin hadn't moved here first, so the fact that I get to see her every day and plan awesome weekend brunches at Loring Kitchen together makes living thousands of miles from my family easier. This past weekend, Caitlin and I popped some tags, if you will, (Macklemore style) at Resale 101 (run by an all-volunteer team...!). I can't wait to post the priceless clothing items I snagged in the coming weeks ($1,000 leather jacket for $10, anyone?), but for now, here are a few fun snapshots from our day!

 Thanks for the fun times, Resale!

Minnesota residents -- win a $50 gift card for Resale by leaving a comment down below with your best thrift find! I will announce the winner next Friday, November 15.