Waste a Day

You know those days you wake up and know exactly the kind of girl you want to be that day? I know it’s always going to vary from weekend to weekend or from Wednesday to Wednesday, but the days that I have a clear vision from the moment my feet move from under the covers to the cold hardwood floor are the days I’m at my best. No matter the mood I find myself in—free-spirited and easy-going, or unequivocally productive and driven—it sets my goals for the day in motion and I make it through as a high-functioning human being, which can prove to be a challenge sometimes...sometimes even more often than not.

I’m a tremendously and outwardly emotional person, which can easily translate into moody. I’m really good at staying in bed from dawn until dusk, getting up for a fresh mug of coffee every few hours and daydreaming about the grocery shopping I could be doing while I order takeout from the Chinese place around the corner. I indulge in these days because there will always be another one to wake up refreshed and inspired and ready to face reality again. I guilt-trip myself in the moment, but what for? What do I have to lose by letting myself breathe easy for a day, away from the obligations of the world I watch from my third-floor corner window?

Don’t regret giving yourself a day to be off the clock here and there. Too many people preach the “don’t waste a day” gospel. A day is just a day. I am only me. Tomorrow, we can all wake up and try again.