True Launch

Same girl. New site. It's time for truelane.

I've described my story in detail on the new Info page, but I'll just outline a bit here what truelane is all about. My vision for my website/business has been up in the air for awhile. I wanted to achieve my professional goals without going in the direction of the blogger/model—believe it or not, I've never felt super comfortable in front of a camera, especially if anyone but my sister is behind the lens. Writing has always been my first love, so once I realized I wanted to let my words drive my blog, my direction for where to take Zipped—my first blog—got a little clearer. 

Even after simply hashing out a few web design details with my friend + designer + wonderwoman Emily, truelane feels more like me. I was a fresh young nineteen years old when I started Zipped, and a lot has changed in four years. I've taken in a lot of information, and it's come out in the form of a new aesthetic. New brand. New feel. The new new.

You'll notice the landing page is still the style blog, with two other topics on the navigation bar above: Travel and Life. Travel is pretty self-explanatory—I'll be documenting and reviewing places around the world I get the opportunity to visit. Life will be more of a page for personal thoughts, articles, and essays to flex my writing muscle and hone my craft. After publishing freelance pieces here and there over the last year, I've become used to calling myself a writer, but I want to be better at sharing. It's one thing to write for yourself. It's a whole different ball game to write for others. 

Two more things. Be sure to update your links if you have my old site saved somewhere in your browser: the new URL is (not a typo—.co), and a big thank you for all the continued support. The excitement is real.

Photos by Bethany Platter.