Minneapolis Moment: Barbette

If you read my recent post with Maison Jules, you'll know I'm a lover of all things French. Most people are, I've found, and that includes the folks behind one of my favorite Minneapolis eateries, Barbette. Tucked into the corner of Irving Avenue and Lake Street in lively and colorful uptown Minneapolis, it's the kind of place that you don't have to plan for, beyond busy-time brunch reservations. It's casual dining in the best possible way. Fantastic and simple, easy-going yet creative, both its French vibes and French food make it an easy addition to my restaurant rotation.

I end up at Barbette most often for brunch, but it also boasts a hopping happy hour of bubbly, steamed mussels, a mean charcuterie board and more. However, if you're heading in on a late Sunday morning like I was, expect to be seated pretty quickly with almost too many delicious menu options ahead of you. When I want savory, I tend to go for breakfast classics like scrambled eggs and potatoes, but I never leave Barbette without indulging in a croissant and their famous iced mochas (please note, the way they are famous is that I am making them so right here and now).

Beyond just food, there are many charms in and around Barbette. The decor is magically transformative. It's warm, welcoming, quirky and full of personality, making you feel like snowglobe Minneapolis is a place miles away. Something is bound to catch your eye any way you look, whether it's the stained-glass hanging pendant lights or one out of a million masterfully arranged pieces on the gallery-inspired walls. In the summer, the sidewalk patio is one of the loveliest and most colorful places you can be.

I highly recommend it to anyone traveling from out of town. I love letting local's favorite places become mine, even when I'm just passing through.

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