Pretty in Pink

Target sweater (sold out, similar) |  Denim c/o DSTLD  |  Balenciaga bag loaned c/o Bag Borrow Steal  |  Sneakers c/o Unnown Footwear (sold out, similar)  |  Old Navy rings

Based on the core of my wardrobe, I never thought I'd get to use the title of this movie as a blog post title, but then mauve came into my life. I found this sweater on Black Friday when my mom, sister, and I rolled into Target at like, 9:30 p.m. (keep in mind this was actually Friday, so we were late to the game, instead of pre-gaming on Thanksgiving), and it was the only one on the rack, so I knew it was meant to be. 

The other reason I'm happy I get to use this title for my post? My favorite writer is the lead actor. Oh, what? You didn't know Andrew McCarthy is a best-selling travel writer? I bring his book, The Longest Way Home, on every trip I take, and I've read it about 14 times since I bought it two years ago. Not only are he and I on the same page about relationships (read: avoiding them), but he even inspired me to take my first solo trip to Iceland. I wouldn't have even considered it without his indirect encouragement. It's my favorite book, and I couldn't recommend anything better to kick off your 2016 reading list.