It's amazing how much a blog is like a baby. It's like its birth day, but it's not the birthday, because it isn't even a day old. It's like a date of birth; we've gone through labor (formatting) and delivery (URL!) and now there is "zipped" to show for it.

Because this is the First Post (and therefore deserving capital letters), I've piled together the best things on my mind right now.


Galliano's Glorious Reign (Harper's Bazaar, 2007)

Reading this article gives me chills halfway through. If I could tap anyone's brain, it would be his. The last sentence of the article sums up his entire persona for me.


"Secret" Booties by Seychelles

Need these on my feet right now. Actually, anything by Seychelles would be fine.


Halloween/harvest parties

Kayla Jones (just one person I'm constantly inspired by) just threw a small Halloween fest with her sister Jazmin, and I'm dying to have one of my own. Pumpkin cupcakes, caramel apples, and sweet potato pie? Um, do I need an invitation?

Other things that are continually zooming through my mind that may end up on zipped are trends I'm loving, favorite outfits I'm wearing, people I'm discovering and any other somethings that I come up with. For now, revel in the elegance Galliano, Seychelles, and autumn. I'm going to go start baking, after I track down the perfect pair of nude patent heels.