I love New York in the Fall

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I'm having a New York moment. I can't stop looking at blogs written by New Yorkers or photos of this entrancing city without wishing I was there. When I was younger, I was set on moving to New York when I graduated, and I'm still ddessspperraatteeee to visit someday. 

This is the shopping list I'll have if I ever got the chance to go...

Matt Bernson ankle boot, Hive and Honey black buckle boot, Type Z grey boot, BB Dakota jacket, Steve Madden bag, Michael Kors beanie, AllSaints cardigan and dress and ring

It's untrue to say that New Yorkers wear all black all the time, but sometimes we're the same way in Seattle. We love our dark colors, and this is just the way I would want to look on the streets of Manhattan. These pieces are just effortlessly cool.

Points to anyone who knows what movie the title of this post comes from...!