Pier Paolo Piccioli

Wwwwowwwww. Good morning unbelievable followers! Thank you so much for the comments and feedback on my last post; I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys are rockstars!

I thought I'd have a giveaway when I reached 50 followers in the next couple weeks, but since it happened literally overnight, it will be coming a lot sooner. Look for it in tomorrow's post!

I went vintage shopping this weekend, and I'm so excited about what I found...


I love Chanel, but not the scent, so I can't wait to decorate my bathroom with this old perfume bottle! I've already worn this necklace since I got it, and I lllooovveee that these earrings are identical, instead of mirrored. The little green jewel is on the same side on both! I wish you guys could see the gorgeous dark green of the dangly stone...

In other news, about a month ago, Valentino's Spring 2011 show happened in Paris, and the results are me obsessing over almost every piece.


Also, in reviewing the collection, I decided I want Tim Blank's job. Sitting front row at shows and reviewing + writing about them sounds good to me. He's kind of a genius, really. When I read the recaps of shows on style.com, I can always tell if he's the one writing. His are just kind of beyond.

My other favorite show from Paris Fashion Week is Balmain. Sooooo edgy.


One is so soft and romantic, and the other is leather and rock and roll. Both at such different levels of perfection...

At another level of perfection are my followers--you guys are definitely all that! Thanks so much for commenting! Love hearing what you have to say and checking out your blogs.