Thrift Finds

I buy many of my clothes from thrift stores just because I like that each piece has a history. Their actual stories might be a lot less glamorous than they are in my head, but I thought I would show a few of my favorite pieces I've found over the years. The only camera I have is on my phone, so please bear with the quality!


I have a knack for finding flannels, but this is the one I wear the most. I love the purple and green together, and it's the perfect cozy fabric. These shorts were $3 vintage Guess jeans that I cut off, and I wore them about a zillion times over the summer.


This sweater and I already have a long history. I found it at a thrift store a few months ago and wore it around for about ten minutes, trying to decide if I wanted it. It was $7, which is pricey for a used sweater at a thrift store (it's funny how I'll buy a department store sweater for upwards of $100, and $7 is too much at Value Village) and I ended up leaving it on the rack. When I went back the next week, it was gone, and I regretted it for months. Lo and behold, six months later it shows up at the Goodwill for $3 cheaper. I snapped it up! The floral shorts were only $2 and look like a skirt, but it was the vintage print that got me. That little white square is the tag I haven't snipped off yet...

I tend to do that. I buy things and leave them hanging in my closet for weeks until I rediscover them and wear the life out of them.


Finally, my denim jacket I wear just about every day (even when it's raining). It fits me perfectly, but there's a long story behind the reason I got it which I might share with you over coffee someday. The other thing I have a knack for is big creamy sweaters. This one is handmade and absolutely gorrrrgeous. I love it. I layer it over everything.

I love hearing thrifting success stories. What are some of your best finds?