Prepare to be bombarded with words. But they're important and have to do with you!

2011 is around the corner. I've been thinking about zipped and where it's going. Although I'm nineteen and supposedly mature, I devote a moderately crazy amount of time to zipped. Right now, I live for this blog, and I pretend like I don't have to go to work or do laundry or clean or practice time management at all. Life is such a learning process...

That said, I'm going to be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It's a lot less, but I hope my life will become somewhat balanced again, if only allowing me more time to keep up with your blogs! I loooooooove blogging, and I'm excited to still be able to post regularly AND have lots of extra time to interact with you guys.

And I want to hear your opinion, so take a gander through past posts and tell me which ones you've enjoyed!  Featured retailersmy personal outfitstrend moodboardsoutfit collages...I would so appreciate hearing about your favorites. And I know, yeah, it's my blog and I decide the content, but you guys read it and I like having you around.

Two more words for you: 

Burberry. Shoes.

I added in the hearts to communicate my feelings about what's happening here. There's just sooo much edge going on! Studs! Buckles! Black! Silver!