Oh, the Drama

Anyone else wish they had fancy black-tie affairs to attend once in awhile? Maybe a New Year's Eve gala?

Halston Heritage, Alexander McQueen, Alberta Feretti

Paired with something like this. I have been totally gown-obsessed for the past two days. I can't stop searching them out, and I almost want to run to the downtown Nordstrom and try on a bunch of black-tie dresses. For no reason at all. I almost want to find my perfect gown and buy it just in case.

I just realized how dangerous the phrase "just in case" is when I'm a self-proclaimed clothing collector with no sense of self-control. Scary thought. And of course, one would need a sleek ride...

Um, is this ssoooo luxe or what? Anyone have a good limo story? I've never been in one! 



P.S. My little sister just did her final 30 for 30 outfit post! Leave her some love!