Constant Christmas Spirit

The spirit of giving is a year-round concept for so many incredible companies that give back to the community, a business model that was really brought to life by TOMS shoes a few years ago. I compiled a few of my favorite organizations that support this fresh new way of looking at business.

1. Krochet Kids is a company that not only employs hundreds of amazing women in Uganda by teaching them how to crochet, but empowers them to lead a full, strong, and independent life.

2. When you buy a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses, they donate a pair to someone in need! They have amazing vintage styles, and I am dddyyiinnnnggg to get a pair.

3. 31 Bits is an organization that provides a selling market for paper beaded jewelry made by women in Uganda. Their pieces are ssooo gorgeous and bohemian.

I mentioned how many pairs of TOMS shoes I have in a recent post, and a couple of you asked me to stick them on the blog. Here they are! 

Fifteen kids have brand new shoes because of me! Some of the prints you can't see are herringbone (second column, two down), flowers (fourth column, one down), leopard (first column, three down) and the pair in the bottom right-hand corner have the well-known Gandhi quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Which pair is your favorite?