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Guest post from the lovely Kathleen of Inspirafashion!

Happy New Years 2011!!

The inspiring and lovely Chelsea of Zipped invited me to do a post for her blog.  And of course, I accepted :), especially since her blog has inspired me so many countless times.  In the midst of searching for the right topic to create a blog post on, instantly something related to what was coming in just a few days popped into my head -- New Years!  Duhh, of course! And so, this idea came about for the post (strange how fashion ideas pop randomly in my head lying in bed right before sleeping and counting sheep).

I decided to use one piece of clothing item out of my wardrobe that I felt is the epitome of a New Years Eve look.  Right away I thought -- ANYTHING sparkly, shiny, or glittery ;).  I grabbed the only piece i could think of in my closet that defines that -- my American Apparel metallic dress.  It's perfectly versatile and could change into a skirt as well.

The catch though, was to use this piece of clothing in three different NYE outfit looks, each exuding a different kind of style.

The first is a classy look, fit with a nice chic navy blazer over the AA piece used as a dress here.  For the shoes, of course, wanted to add these neutral F21 oxfords.  To top it off for accessories, a simple pearl necklace reminiscent of anything Audrey Hepburn.

Navy blue vintage blazer, Purple AA metallic dress, Neutral gray F21 oxfords, White thrifted pearl necklace.

Second, I decided to go for a girly cute look.  Wearing my F21 cream shirt with lace details accented on top.  Used the AA piece here as a skirt for a more girly feel.  And for the shoes, simple cute little bow flats.  Definitely an outfit suitable for anyone wanting to dress romantic, with the lace, and girly with the bows on a New Years Eve night.

Cream F21 lace top, Purple AA metallic skirt, White target bow flats.

Third, for any girl going out in the city for New Years Eve!  A Party Chic look.  Decided to make it though more of a Rocker - Party Chic look haha.  Wearing a basic black top underneath the AA dress.  And for a rocker vibe, wearing my black combat lace-up boots, as well as my black chain necklace.

Black basic F21 top, Purple AA metallic dress, Black GoJane lace-up combat boots, Black thrifted chain necklace.

Each look I feel can suit any person trying to dress up for a beautiful New Years Eve night.  I hope this post in some way inspired you to dress up in different outfits/styles for a perfect NYE look.  And I definitely hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve - reminisce about 2010 and say hello! to 2011.  And "HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!" :).

<3, Kathleen.