You can't help but love cute + creative Kenzie! She is the third and final guest blogger. See you all on Mondaaaaaaaaaay!

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{shirt: the limited, skirt: century 21, leg warmers: kohl's, boots: urban outfitters}

Hi guys! I'm so excited to be guest blogging today. Chelsea asked me a while back if I'd like to, and I of course said yes! She is sooo sweet - & I'm not just saying that because she's the only person that responds to me on twitter. Hahaha. Anyway, I just wanted to start out thanking her for the opportunity!Onto my outfit.. You know those days when you spend an hour and a half watching 16 & Pregnant: Where are they now before church starts and then you look at the clock realizing you have only 20 minutes to get ready? Yesterday was that kind of day. Knowing that my hair & makeup would take 10 minutes, I only had 5 minutes to pick out an outfit (leaving the last 5 minutes to stare at myself in the mirror - debating whether or not I looked cute, of course :p) When I finished up with my hair and what not, I walked into my room, stared at my closet and couldn't help but think, "Nooooooo!" That's when I noticed my gray leg warmers. They reminded me of this cute outfit Tieka

 posted on her blog a while back. Somehow, out of that, I got this! It's a weird outfit for me since I don't like wearing shirts with puffy shoulders (they look horrible on me!) but for something different, I do like it!

Wellll, That's all I have to say for the day - for more outfits and what not, be sure to check out my blog! Hope this wasn't all "tl;dr." : )