Closet Must-Haves: Part 2!

On my first closet must-haves post, there was a lot of great feedback, so thanks! I don't think I sufficiently enforced the fact that the list I made included the barest of essentials, but I decided to add on a second post with pieces I think are almost necessary for every closet. These are a few go-tos for dressing between fancy and casual.

the skirt


For formal events, there's the dress. For casual events, there's the pant. In between? Skirts are your friends. There's nothing more chic than a solid blouse tucked into a fab skirt. They're comfortable and easy to wear without looking too dressed up or down.

the trouser


I love pants that aren't denim for a dressed-up look that isn't at all dressy. Neutrals are a staple, but owning a pair in a fun color livens up your closet and can become the feel-good pair you go to on cloudy days.

the cardigan

Patterson J. Kincaid, LA Made, Juicy Couture

The cardigan is the in-between for your top and jacket. You aren't going to need a coat in fifty-five degree weather, so why not reach for you favorite sweater? Cardigans can go from baggy and oversized to cropped and chic depending on what look you're going for. I like chunky ones for weekends and something drape-y and flowy for easy layers during the busy week.

the embellished top

Vanessa Bruno, Matthew Williamson

3.1 Phillip Lim, L'Agence

Who doesn't love a little sparkle in their life? Moving up a step from the basic tee, an embellished top gives you jewels without wearing jewelry. They're so much more interesting to pair with a jean or throw under a cardigan. They can take a casual skirt up a notch just with some sequins or a fabric detail.

the Bag

Chloé, Mulberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang

Yes, I capitalized Bag. I still haven't found my Bag (I've searched hard enough that I've accumulated a collection that I love, but doesn't include my never-let-me-down-always-want-to-carry-you-forever Bag!), but I'm a huge advocate of owning the one Bag that completes your life. It can be designer or not, it just has to fit you and your daily needs to a T. I've featured a few of my favorite 'it' bags that will be classic forever.

The best thing about building your wardrobe and listing staple pieces is that you can adapt them to whatever style you need or want. I've included lots of examples under each category to give you some ideas of all directions you could go with just one article of clothing. If you missed the first closet must-haves post, you can read it here.

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