Sunshine and Clouds

The weather cannot make up its mind lately. This is me, on a sunny day, pretending I own Madewell's High Riser jeans since this is exactly the outfit I would form around them if I did. A trendy top with a skinny belt and some sort of vintage shoes. Now, I'm writing this post under a layer of clouds. And when I reread this post, I realized there are like 8 links. Enjoy.

Thrifted crochet top, thrifted belt, Levi's 535 legging jeans, vintage ankle boots

I know I already made my shopping list for the year, but I think I'm going to need one just for February; I have so much on my mind. THESE will be 3 of my key pieces for spring.

1. Madewell High Riser jeans

2. Wedge ankle boots

3. Flared/wide-leg jeans

Be sure to check out my GUEST POST on Oh So Sophi, and this great article written by Jamie Keiles on fashion and feminism. She's such a well-rounded and funny teen, and I have been a fan since the Seventeen Magazine Project!

So I'm in the market for shoes (when am I not?), and I really want a pair that I will love forever that goes with anything. If you own a style of shoe that you wear with everything, leave me a suggestion in the comments to check out; I need some help. I hope you have a weekend full of thrifting and coffeehouses, like mine!

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!