Lots of people do their best work at night; me included. I go into manic styling mode at night and fall in love with new trends and outfits. Ideas flow when it feels like I'm the only one in the world who's awake. Then I realize that others are awake painting, writing, decorating, dancing, brainstorming, etc. and it feels that much more incredible that there's such positive creative energy at one time!

So in my "manic styling mode" last night, I found this perfect Marc Jacobs magazine clutch!

It neeeeeeeeded to be paired with a contrasting color.

Demylee tank, Topshop jacket, Boutique 9 shoes, Rag & Bone pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, Elizabeth and James two-finger ring, Juicy Couture cuff, OPI Chocolate Moose

love the oversized, envelope silhouette of this bag. So trendy + classic at the same time. And that cuff...! Just take a moment to stare and appreciate its beauty. Zoom if needed. Downtown cool at it's best.

I have a huge to-do list today, but everything is on hold until this pile of clothes is dealt with and put away. Do you see how bad I am? There are even folded clothes in that pile. Good grief.

Aaaaaand I booked a flight yesterday! Can you guys guess where I'll be going in March? It's a state capital in the contiguous United States. So that narrows it down to 48 cities! One of you is bound to get it. Leave your guesses in the comments!

P.S. If you want to see a quick write-up of my favorite spring silhouettes, you can read that here!