outfit collage


I can safely say that Topshop has never led me astray. If Topshop tells me 90's grunge is in, I believe them. If Topshop tells me neon tribal is in, I believe them. Right now, I'm drooling over their stock of printed tanks for summer.


With so many options, there is definitely something for everyone. Unless you only wear solids. If that's true...Topshop still has options for you.

And all in the best spring colors, of course. But the best thing about prints and solids, obviously, is mixing them for visual interest. Solids work well at bringing out colors in prints, and prints can do a great job at setting off a bright solid! It's one of my favorite combinations to wear.

Simply Inspired

The second I saw this fall editorial on 80's Purple, I knew I had to recreate the look. I took the basic pieces (big sweater, black boots) and changed the overall style into something you'd see me wearing any day of the week.

Topshop sweater, Steve Madden ankle boots, Paige denim leggings, Modcloth handbag, Allsaints beanie, Forever 21 ring

But of course...you can't forget the look for the imaginary man on my arm. You didn't think I'd ever get around to posting men's fashion on Zipped, did ya?

Black Fleece blazer, Hartford shirt, Jack Spade pants, John Varvatos boots

Well, there you go. Now that you're acquainted with the idea of menswear on Zipped, you can be sure that the next one I post for the guys will be well-accessorized.

Robbi and Nikki

For several years, designer Robert Rodriguez has been on my list of top faves. I don't know why it's taken this long for me to discover Robbi and Nikki, a line that puts a "youthful" (and more affordable!) twist on his classic pieces.

It's no lie that I'm already excited for summer, and every piece here is something I can see myself in as the weather gets warmer. 

My discovery of Robbi and Nikki only heightens my admiration for Robert Rodriguez. If only I could live in his pieces all year long!

Cynthia Vincent sandals, Robert Rodriguez tank, Robert Rodriguez cropped pants, Melie Bianco bag, Maya Brenner's 'Day To Night' bracelet

My favorite designers are always changing, but I'm preeeetty Robert Rodriguez will always be in my top ten. Especially now that I've discovered Robbi and Nikki! Be sure to check out his third line, Black Label, as well.