Candy Colored

Sophia Feldman has to be one of the most creative girls I know! Combining her love of candy and crowns, she started crafting these adorable pieces in Los Angeles and now sells them for your candy-craving pleasure.

She creates quirky barrettes and headbands of gum balls and sprinkles or found objects, and also beautiful pieces of more predictable jewels.

I love how there are pieces just for fun, and pieces I can actually see myself wearing over and over (turquoise stone on gold chain, I'm looking at you!). I love the product photos on her site too. So chic!

All talk of candy just makes me want to grab the brightest colors I can find. Looking at this moodboard, it feels like something you'd see flipping through the pages of Teen Vogue, haha.

Hurley green bag, DKNY cropped pants, Topshop lipstick, Miu Miu sweater, Belle Sigerson Morrison flats, American Apparel sunglasses, Versace scarf, Aldo aqua bag, Laura Mercier eyeshadow

Brights are everywhere this season, as I'm sure many of you have noticed! One or two colors against a neutral look is super cute and super wearable. This Miu Miu sweater is a perfect example on its own, with a stripe of bright neon at the hem of a neutral color. A Candy Crown would be perfect with a light colored ensemble and a bright bag!

Have a sweeeeet Monday! The winner to the Karen Kane giveaway is Kristi of Accio Hagrid

Congratulations, what a huge treat! Can't wait to see which items you pick out.