A Downtown Day

What a crazy past couple of days! Sooo much fun.

This trip has been so much fun! I have stayed in three different places the past three nights, but it has been so much fun getting to see so many of my friends in such a short amount of time. I was able to stroll through downtown Minneapolis with my sister, exploring a few streets. It was such a beautiful, sunny day even though it was below forty degrees.

On Wednesday, I also got to meet up with my best friend from elementary school Maria!

We had so much fun running around my old neighborhood, getting Mexican food and catching a late-night film before falling asleep way later than we should have, as I had to get up early the next morning! Today I'm hitting up a few antique stores in St. Paul before meeting a group of friends for dinner uptown.

My new Free People hat has definitely become a staple in my closet, I love wearing it in all weather and it has already saved me from some bad hair days. I definitely packed in layers and am pretty much only concerned with being comfortable on this trip hehe.

Hope you all get to relax as well this weekend, thanks for all the kind words and support! I have missed the blog world as I haven't had a chance to sit online and browse, but reading your comments makes me smile!