Empty Lots

My favorite piece of this outfit is the smallest; the pink leopard scrunchie on my wrist! I llloooveee how you guys can actually see my accessories now thanks to my new camera. I know my photos can only get better!

Haha, love this last photo of mid-step awkwardness!

H&M blazer, SOLD jeans, handmade hat

A blazer has been on my wishlist for awhile; I love finally owning this closet necessity. I actually bought two in Minnesota, and the other one is a gorgeous color and perfect for spring! But black is that staple, and H&M did not let me down.

This is my favorite beanie I have made; I have a sweater in this same ivory and red pattern, which would pretty easily translate into a great WaldoHalloween costume. Actually, I just came up with that as I write this and I can't believe I haven't done that before!

Busy, busy Friday to finish off the week...can't wait to relax this weekend before the craziness of MAY begins! Enjoy zee weekend.