Readers have mentioned they wouldn't mind a beauty post from me, so that's the plan today! Recently, I met notable make-up artist Jilladair Carlson at her studio and was introduced to her outstanding make-up line, Jilladair Cosmetics.

Pressed Mineral Foundation in N3

Without getting preachy, many beauty products contain animal parts that girls probably don't want to be using or ingesting through lip products.

 All of Jilladair's products are certified vegan; Jilladair herself followed the creation of her products from development to release with the highest standards.

Eyeshadows in Oxidize, Bunchie, Eyes Closed, Beige Mist, and Brow Shadow in Golden Brown

I love the products I picked out from Jilladair's collection, but I have to say my favorite product is the pencil eyeliner! It does.not.smudge without soap and water (or eye makeup remover). I went from a 99¢ liner to this, and could not have noticed a bigger difference.

Ultra Waterproof Eyeliner in Meteor

I have never worn lip gloss, but loved trying out Jilladair's all vegan colors. Her formula is paraben-free and lasts for hours! 

I purchased a powder foundation, eyeshadow palette, and eyeliner and can't wait to choose more to add to my mix of beauty brands.

Enjoy browsing her website, www.jilladaircosmetics.comto find your own can't-live-without beauty products!


For my readers, you can use the promo code zipped at and get 20% off your orders for the rest of your life! That's amazing, generous Jilladair for you :)

P.S. Since many of you have asked, here is an outtake from my sister's wedding :)

Jilladair Cosmetics is not sponsoring this post, and I purchased the items with my own money. This is an honest review!