Friend of Mine

Friend of Mine, an Australian label, is honestly my dream closet in the flesh. In their own words,"basics-with-a-twist."

"Feminine edge with a relaxed look"

"A simplistic thrown together style"

Designed by Teale Tablot and managed by business partner Letitia McLean, the line is tailored-casual, while still holding onto a bit of rock-and-roll aesthetic. I don't know how it's possible to find a brand where every piece is something I need want, yet somehow, Friend of Mine fits that description perfectly. Check them out at Shopbop or their website!

In the meantime, my little sister has started up her blog again, now with beautiful photos thanks to my little Canon!

Stop by and say hey, I knoooow you'll love her!

And thank you all so much for the super sweet comments you have been leaving!