The Golden Touch

I can't help but notice my affinity for all things gold and shiny. Every time I look around my room I'm struck by this simple elegant touch that seems dressed up all on its own.

Shiny new cosmetic bag

Vintage ring from my dad

Little coffee table planters to be filled with succulents

Must-have mascara

Sparkly 1950's pouch

I love all precious metal tones. I tend to mix up gold and silver whether it's bangles on my arm or coins in my purse...just can't seem to get enough!

It has taken me awhile to get back into blogger mode since camp, so heeeere is my public Declaration of Appreciation for my awesome readers! Somehow this blog has grown into more than I ever thought it would, all thanks to you. I am so grateful for every award, every blog feature, every comment, and all 800 of you who have followed me through Google Friend Connect. You guys warm my heart.