Blogger Buds

This past weekend, I got to meet up with Brittany of B. in the Know, a blog I have been reading for months! Her daily updates of whatever is on her mind (fashion or music or this or that) are always inspiring and lovely to read. We met up for some ice cream on a chilly fall day...yes, you read that right.

MINKPINK blouse c/o Bollare, vintage Coach bag, Levis jeans, Me Too boots c/o VPR NYC

First things first--the ice cream was tooo ddiieee ffooorrr. I got one small scoop of pumpkin and one small scoop of sea salt caramel praline. Drooling as I write this...eep. Brittany and I had so much to chat about, and it was ssooo good to be able to connect with someone who gets fashion like I do over here in Minneapolis! These boots by Me Too might be my favorite thing for fall. I love layering them up with thick ivory socks for a super cozy look. The tassels are adorable, and the creamy dove grey color...gah. Love these babies! Soon, I'm sure you'll get a chance to see them in daylight ;)

We're having another gorgeous fall day here. I can't believe tomorrow is October!