Feeling Floral

MINKPINK dress c/o Bollare, jacket c/o APART Style, Kinies bag, Steve Madden boots, Forever 21 cuff

Tomorrow is moving day.

I spent all yesterday crying and saying goodbyes--to be honest, sometimes a hug makes things worse! I am so excited to explore Minneapolis but it's so weird to think about everything I'm leaving behind. Like my kitty. And my guitar. And my Space Needle.

On Wednesday, I discovered the lovely fashion blog of Kitty Cotten, and the next day I checked her blog and saw yours truly featured in a style inspiration post! You should totally check it out (and then spend hours going through all her old posts like I did) because I am sooooo honored! This girl is so inspiring, and even shares my love for Cut n' Paste bags.

Airport tweets are my favorite kind of tweets, so you can follow mine here tomorrow or check the blog Monday when, hopefully, I'll be all settled in and unpacked. 

Oh. My. Gosh. I have to pack. Oops. 

Um...be right back.