Pink Power

I don't know what it is about the color fuchsia lately, but my favorite shirt in my closet now is a hot pink blouse a la Equipment. Thankfully, there was about a $200 difference in price (thank you, Forever 21!). Pretty sure I would wear this color in any way shape or form.

J Brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pencey, Antik Batik

I love the mixed fabrics and textures of the bag--it definitely inspired me to pair this bold color with a fall-toned printed piece, like this smart Rag & Bone skirt.

Topshop blouse & socks, Marni cuff, Chocolat Blu bag, Rag & bone skirt, Lucky Brand boots

Continuing with the "I don't know what it is about..." saying, I'm not sure why I keep pairing this bright pink with toned down fall colors--but I'm lllooovvviiinnggg this burgundy for fall bags. Must get my hands on one. Now.

Gah. Fashion is always such an I-need-this-right-now emergency!