St. Paul Streets

Street style is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to getting dressed. When I moved to Minneapolis about a month ago, I was so excited to see how midwest style differed from Seattle. Little did I know I would discover an awesome street style blog based right here in the Twin Cities: The Minneapoline!

These looks were described as "muted takes on fall's blue." I love how different these looks are from each other. The first look is so lady-like (check out that gorgeous Chanel!) while the second has such vintage, bohemian pieces.

This maxi skirt is undeniably striking. I love how she paired it with a simple top and accessories! As for those printed shorts...such a fun summer look. I just might need to search out this gal and see how she could layer them up for cooler weather--they are just that awesome.

Definitely add The Minneapoline to your bookmarks to browse whenever you need some outfit inspiration. I only found it a week ago and I'm already hooked!