Summer Memories

Vintage skirt worn as dress, Target hat, Ray-Ban wayfarers, well-loved TOMS shoes

This was a very pretty, very warm day back home in Washington! I had to got to go berry picking with my family (took home twenty-six pounds!) and after half an hour I was the one sitting in the shade eating my family's hard work (ha, sorry guys).

Funny to remember this sunny, hot weather. The past few days here have been grey with a definite chill! The weather in Chicago was lovely though--we couldn't have asked for a more perfect time. I can't wait to share some about it on Friday! We got to check out the Chicago Public Library over the weekend and since being back have already visited two Minneapolis libraries (one of which I'm writing this from!). I love libraries. Elyse was busy picking blueberries so my little brother took my outfit photos! I think he did really well for his first time :)