Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers. Her classic-with-an-edge pieces make for perfect trend and style mixing. Girly rock and roll, downtown romantic, bohemian prep...all those perfect blends we all strive to achieve in daily looks. Exhibit A:

Foil Print Cable Sweater

Cable knit sweater? Preppy. Black with foiled threads? Edgy. This sweater gives off the perfect downtown vibe, but layered over a fun plaid with rolled denim, it would be perfect for weekend wear. Exhibit B:

Tweed Combo Sweater Dress

The classic silhouette of this dress with the slubby texture and print make for the perfect mix of bohemian and preppy. I love the toned-down fall colors, and how it's styled with leather pants on the runway. 

And finally, two pairs of boots I must must must add dream of adding to my closet. There are so many little touches on her pieces that stand out just enough to create a statement look.

MJ Flat Suede Boots, Dimphy Suede Booties

Sometimes it feels like all I do is draft the perfect, complete designer closet in my mind. If I owned every single article I ever posted on Zipped, my closet would probably be worth more than my house and bigger than my entire bedroom.

That's where 194 posts over thirteen months gets you. Can't believe I've had that much to say over the past year! Happy snowy Monday guys--Thanksgiving vacation coming up! Eep!