The Countdown Begins

H&M denim shirt, Gap sweater, Urban Outfitters denim leggings, vintage Coach bag, Yosi Samra flats

This year has gone by crazy fast and I love it.

Christmas this year turned out differently than we expected. We ended up with a spontaneous wedding between my cousin and his girlfriend before he leaves for the army again, which I ended up photographing! 

And instead of gifts this year, my family decided we were going to give each other Experiences (oh yes, with a capital E). So I received plans for lots of activities including wheatgrass shots at Jamba with my little brother and a tea party with Elyse. I love finishing out my time at home keeping busy.

This sweater was a gift from my older sister. I love the pretty metallic threads and how it looks layered with my favorite denim shirt. I've already worn it more than enough over break, I'm sure. I paired it with simple black pants (okay, so they do have a sheen...) and my favorite structured lady bag.

I hope you all have a splendid New Year's Eve. I fly back to Minneapolis on Monday and am praying to see some snow by then...can't wait to greet 2012!